I am from a small village in the southern part of India. My family belongs to agriculture. Not from the trading Community. My forefathers and ancestors worked with various Jameen as a Kanakkupillai (Auditor). But, Later they moved various activity, then Agriculture became a part of our life. I liked it also.

why I am telling this all the irrelevant stories?????

Because I believe in History. History always tells the process and ability. if you could better than the past, you will be placed in history also. Ohh….. coming to the subject. last night was sleepless, I drunk so much water and continuously went to pee. In between, I read a lot of pieces about crypto. Why I was reading about crypto?. Simply, I want to earn money with less investment. But, That is not the main reason.

‘Crypto’ this word is very fascinating to me. who was coined the term ‘crypto’?. I don’t know that guy. But, I loved this word. This word pulled into the subject and I read all the stuff. Additionally, Yesterday Elon Musk announced, “You can buy tesla with bitcoin”. whooaahhh… I don’t have even one single bitcoin.

I looked into the price of bitcoin. That is around 40 lakhs. Ohh… sad… I cannot buy also. But, I decide to enter this fascinating world. I discussed this with my friend. He told me, the Cryptocurrency market is not legitimate. yeah, he was correct. Then, I argued with him and simultaneously thinking about how to convince him. Finally, He won. Then I knew, I was a child in the Cryptocurrency world. Finally, last night at around 1.30 am, I decided to write about cryptocurrency. Because I don’t have money to invest in it.

Could you find there is no relevance to the beginning and end?. That is my story. Lol. See you in the next story.

Data Analyst, Crypto - Writer